Submission Reminder!

This is a reminder to read the Submission Guidelines prior to submitting.
In particular:
* submissions must be sent to not to any other address;
* submissions must include the word SUBMISSION in the subject line.
These two steps are necessary so that ALL of the editors receive your submission and so that your submission does not get lost (mistaken for spam).
Submissions that do not follow the guidelines are not read.
We want to read your submissions so please follow the guidelines! Thanks!


Just a reminder for those submitting to the literary journal: we never open attachments. Please include your submission in the body of your email, as per the submission guidelines.
Also, if you are re-submitting after receiving a notification, please do not send your new submission to the editor who sent you the notification. All submissions must be sent to submit -at- toasted-cheese -dot- com. This ensures that all the editors receive your submissions.
Finally, please make sure that your subject line includes the word Submission, along with the genre of your submission. We receive hundreds of spam messages each day and this allows us to easily sort the real submissions from the spam.
Thank you.

Submission Tips

Send your submissions to our submissions address (submit -at- toasted-cheese -dot- com). Submissions sent to other addresses (at least the ones that we catch!) will be asked to re-submit to the correct address.
Put the word submission (not submit) in your subject line followed by the genre of your submission (fiction, flash, cnf, poetry). Avoid putting anything else in your subject line (e.g. the title of your submission) because that increases the likelihood that your submission will be caught by a spam filter.
We look forward to reading your work!

Change to Submission Periods

Starting with Toasted Cheese 7:1 (March 2007), submission periods will close one month earlier than they do at present, i.e. two months prior to the publication date. This change will allow us to read submissions one month earlier and give us some much-needed extra time to set up each issue.
The switch will be effective November 1, 2006. Submissions received to October 31, 2006 will be eligible for TC 6:4 (December 2006); submissions received from November 1 to December 31, 2006* will be eligible for TC 7:1 (March 2007).
We will continue to short-list at the end of each month. Final notifications will be sent one month prior to publication. Full details here.
(*The shortened submission period will be for this one issue only, as we make the transition.)

No Autoreply?

If you’ve submitted to the literary journal and haven’t received an autoreply, don’t panic!
It is extremely rare for us to have not received a submission. 99% of the time, the autoreply has been caught by your spam filter. (To avoid this happening, add submit [at] to your safelist before submitting.)
We might not have received your submission if a) you sent to the wrong address or b) your subject line has a typo in it (e.g. submisssion). If you are sure that neither of these things apply to you, then there is no need to resend your submission.
We know it’s tempting, but please try to hold off inquiring as to whether we’ve received your submission. It defeats the purpose of having an autoreply when we have to answer numerous “I didn’t get an autoreply. Did you get my submission?” inquiries.
If we have received your submission, you will hear from us within approximately one month (when we short-list). If you have not heard from us by the 15th of the month following when you submitted, then you can assume we didn’t receive your submission and you are welcome to resend it.

Reminder / Request

For all writers who are re-submitting after receiving a notification letter:
Please send your new submission to submit at — just as you did for your first submission.
In other words, don’t just hit “reply” on the notification letter you received. If you do that, only the editor who sent out the letters will get your new submission. Remember, we edit as a collective; all the editors need to see your submission, not just the one who handled the correspondence.
Thank you!

Submissions Update

Starting with the current submission period, we’ve instituted a “rounds” system of vetting submissions.
Each month, two of the editors will look over the subs that have come in. At the end of this preliminary round, we’ll send out notifications to all who have submitted during that month. The notification will tell you one of three things:

  1. We’re not interested.
  2. Your submission has been disqualified for some reason (e.g. you submitted it as an attachment). If you receive this notice, we ask that you wait to resubmit until the next sub period.
  3. Your submission is “on to the next round” i.e. it will be read by the full panel of editors during our regular reading period. (Note that this isn’t an acceptance.)

Final decisions will be sent out as per usual during the week prior to the new issue going up.
We’ve instituted this new system to reduce our workload during our reading periods, but we hope that writers will find the earlier notifications of benefit as well. The first round of preliminary notifications went out last week.
Speaking of which… one writer withdrew a submission after receiving his preliminary notification because the story had been accepted elsewhere. He asked if he would be penalized for doing so, noting that he submitted prior to our change in policy re simultaneous submissions. The answer is no. Only submissions from March 1st onward are subject to the new policy.