My Writing Space: Lynda Chambers

“My Writing Space” is a series about writers and the places in which they write. To contribute, send a photo of your writing space along with a paragraph or two describing it and its influence on your writing to beaver[at] with the subject line “My Writing Space.”

mws_chambersI have two favourite writing spaces. In the winter, I’m in the solarium with the heater going and the rain dripping all around me. It’s like being outside. The light is bright even with cloud cover and the air has a green quality because of giant hemlock, fir and cedar that loom just beyond the glass in all directions—even up. The trees are taller here than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. It is a quiet place and invites contemplation and creativity. Sometimes the cat joins me and sleeps on the table next to my notebook computer. His contentment convinces me that all is well and I give myself over then to writing, ignoring for the moment all temptation to be somewhere else or do something else. That’s the hardest part about writing—the discipline to just do it. So this ritual and this special place help me.

In the summer, I am in the gazebo. It’s warm there and, on weekday mornings, quiet. I use an old pine table for a writing surface and sit in a cheap plastic chair. It’s OK. It works. Writing by hand comes more naturally in this setting so often I leave my computer behind and head out with only pen, paper and a glass of water. The wood chip trail that leads to the gazebo is just long enough to give me the sense that I have left the “everyday” behind. That’s a priceless feeling. I find my imagination kicks in more when I feel removed from the ordinary—as if existing for a time on a different plane.

I’m looking forward to writing outside again soon, sheltered from the sun under the gazebo’s cedar shake roof. For now, though, I’m still confined to my glass world and resigned to the sound of rain. It’ll do.