Toasted Cheese 17:3

The September 2017 issue of Toasted Cheese features poetry by Miki Byrne, Matthew Heston, Simon Perchik, Sarah Valeika & John Zedolik; flash by Helen Coats, Izabella Grace, Malka Herman & Merran Jones; fiction by Natasha Cabot, Tara Kaprowy & Alex Shishin; and creative non-fiction by Laura Marostica & Mary Street.

TC 17:3 also includes the A Midsummer Tale Writing Contest winning stories by LS Bassen, Vanessa Levin-Pompetzki & SK Elliot.

At Candle-Ends, Shelley Carpenter reviews Megan of the Mists by Bill Lockwood.

The cover image is by wwny on Flickr, with additional photos by photographers around the world, all of whom have generously made their work available for use under Creative Commons licenses. Please click through and check out their photostreams.

Congratulations to all. Happy reading!

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