Tips for Email Submissions

TC responds to submissions in a timely fashion. If you do not receive notification of your submission’s status as outlined in our submission guidelines, then either (a) we never received your submission or (b) our response was eaten by your spam filter.

Here are some tips to ensure you receive responses to your submissions:

1. Get a web account to use solely for your submissions. If you’re not using it for anything else, you shouldn’t get too much spam, therefore it’s less likely that you’ll miss out on real mail that ends up in your spam/junk folder.

2. Avoid using AOL (AOL blocks a lot of stuff as spam that isn’t). Avoid using a work account (work email
systems generally have serious spam filters that you have no control over).

3. Set up filters/message rules in your email to flag messages based on keywords (like SUBMISSION) that you use in the subject lines of your submissions.

4. Check your junk/spam folders on a regular basis.

5. For submissions to TC, add beaver at toasted-cheese dot com (substituting @ for at and . for dot, of course) to your address book/safe list.

6. If you think you should have received a response and haven’t, you can always post at the forums and ask. Damage from Hail is open for non-members to post.

Finally, if the issue you submitted for has gone up and your work is not in it, then you can assume your submission has been rejected. We don’t hold over submissions.

* March issue: selected from submissions received October 1 – December 31
* June issue: selected from submissions received January 1 – March 31
* September issue: selected from submissions received April 1 – June 30
* December issue: selected from submissions received July 1 – September 30

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