No Autoreply?

If you’ve submitted to the literary journal and haven’t received an autoreply, don’t panic!
It is extremely rare for us to have not received a submission. 99% of the time, the autoreply has been caught by your spam filter. (To avoid this happening, add submit [at] to your safelist before submitting.)
We might not have received your submission if a) you sent to the wrong address or b) your subject line has a typo in it (e.g. submisssion). If you are sure that neither of these things apply to you, then there is no need to resend your submission.
We know it’s tempting, but please try to hold off inquiring as to whether we’ve received your submission. It defeats the purpose of having an autoreply when we have to answer numerous “I didn’t get an autoreply. Did you get my submission?” inquiries.
If we have received your submission, you will hear from us within approximately one month (when we short-list). If you have not heard from us by the 15th of the month following when you submitted, then you can assume we didn’t receive your submission and you are welcome to resend it.

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