From TC 9:2 – “Cane Island” by Paul Silverman

The Cane Palace brochure said nothing about swarms of Portuguese Man of War in the waters of their very expensive private beach. Yet there was the official sign, posted not ten feet from where Ray Ryan was interrogating the towel boy on what the sign actually meant. “Your sign says Portuguese Man of War hazard December through May,” Ray said. “So what are those people doing out there?”
The towel boy kept on folding, kept on setting out the bottles of Cane Palace water and the little paper cups of complimentary sunscreen. He looked odd performing these fey activities, because he was cut like a linebacker. Ray read his behavior as sullen, as though he didn’t consider Ray’s question worth answering. “Your sign,” Ray said, pointing. “What does it mean? Is it correct?”
“The sign is correct,” the towel boy said, his native island face blank as the sand.
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