From TC 9:1 – “Carpe Diem” by Theryn Fleming

Last month, after the editors finalized their selections for the March issue and the notifications were sent out, we received word that one of our authors had died in December. This was sad news for us, as Homer had submitted to us several times over the past four or five years, and while we hadn’t published everything he sent us, we had always been entertained by his work. We are sorry that “Buzzards in the Projection Booth” is the last story we will see from him.

My first thought after I’d had time for the news to absorb was that I was sorry that he hadn’t got his acceptance before he died. Almost as quickly came a second thought: but isn’t it great that he went out the way every writer presumably wants to—you would too, holding the wheel, wind in your hair, it just feels right, doesn’t it?”

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