Editor’s Picks from Toasted Cheese 10:1

“Body of Water” by Kristi Denke
August hadn’t taken a bath since he was six.
It was at that point that his father had closed the shower doors around him and declared him a man. A real man didn’t take baths.
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“Adjusting Little Things” by Lori Volante
His routine smell of 5 a.m. coffee strongly brewed like the thick air of July percolates in her mind. It is Saturday. She listens to the calico scowling at the man who can’t resist his urge to pester.
It is on this day, the wife begins to count the number of times her husband enters and exits the back door announced repeatedly by the squeak of the pull chain and final retraction to the frame. What he does with all this entering and exiting is an adjustment of little things. Like how her eye doctor flips lenses. Asking, can you see clearer with lens one or two? Here’s one again. Any difference?
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“Jenny’s Apartment” by Anne Greenawalt
Jenny’s apartment was a shrine to her ex-boyfriends, Jason decided when leaving her apartment after his fourth visit.
On his first visit, Jason noticed the paintings on the living room wall. They were the types of pictures that looked like splattered paint on a canvas, something his six-year-old niece could have done with her eyes shut. The term “vomiting rainbow” came to mind.
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