A Midsummer Tale 2015

A Midsummer Tale is a summer-themed narrative writing contest open to non-genre fiction and creative nonfiction.

The theme of the 2015 A Midsummer Tale Narrative Writing Contest is: Summer Home / Home for the Summer.

Deadline for entries is June 21, 2015.

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14 thoughts on “A Midsummer Tale 2015

  1. Do non-genre fiction entries have to be set in modern day, or can they be set a few decades back if the historical aspect isn’t the chief focus?

    • We’re not looking for historical fiction, but a story set within your lifetime is fine.

  2. When we send the entries to the email id mentioned, do we send them as attachments to the mail, or do we type them in the body of the email?

    • Paste your entry into the body of your email. We don’t read attachments.

  3. What is the view of profanity and adult content? I understand romance novels aren’t welcomed, but Is there a movie rating we should strive to stay under (ie PG, PG-13, R …)?

    • Profanity is fine. No more than an R rating in terms of sex/violence.

  4. Is this contest open to everyone all over the globe and are there any ‘you-need-to-be-a-member-of’ requirements?

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