A Midsummer Tale 2010

Toasted Cheese is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 A Midsummer Tale Writing Contest:
1st: “Where She Fell” by Mary Wuerth
2nd: “My Grandfather” by Esperanza Paz C. del Casal
3rd: “New Age Break-Up” by Marissa VanWingen
Congratulations Mary, Esperanza, and Marissa!
Read the winning stories in the September issue of Toasted Cheese.
Thank you to all who entered. We hope you will join us again next year.
The A Midsummer Tale writing contest is changing! Starting in 2011, the contest will be open to non-genre (literary, mainstream) fiction as well as creative nonfiction. As well, AMT will have an earlier opening date, giving entrants additional time to work on their entries. Check back for more details in the spring!
Our next contest is Three Cheers and a Tiger in September. 3 Cheers (Fall) is a 48-hour contest with a science fiction/fantasy theme, and is judged by TC Editors Lisa Olson (Boots) & Ana George.

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