14th Annual Dead of Winter Writing Contest

The 14th Annual Dead of Winter Writing Contest is OPEN!

Dead of Winter is a horror fiction contest. This year’s theme is: TOYS IN THE ATTIC.

Stories submitted to the 14th Annual Dead of Winter contest (December 2014) must use the theme Toys In the Attic. A child’s plaything must feature prominently in your story and the story setting should be an attic, penthouse, or other “top floor.” Be creative with other setting elements, including time period and geographic location.

Be sure to read both the Dead of Winter contest rules and the general contest guidelines before submitting your entry.

Deadline for entries is December 21.

Questions? Feel free to ask them here or at the forums.

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6 thoughts on “14th Annual Dead of Winter Writing Contest

  1. “A child’s plaything must feature prominently in your story.” Does this mean that only one, “plaything,” may be featured? Is it alright to instead use more than one? Can playthings in general be featured rather than specific ones? Thank you in advance for answers.

    • Hi Jacob. You may use as many playthings as you like in your story but at least one of them must play a prominent role. For example, the attic may be filled with a collection of dolls but one particular doll (or any other plaything, like a rocking horse, ventriloquist’s dummy, cup and ball, whoopee cushion, kaleidoscope, board game, etc.) should figure significantly in your story.

      If you choose to be general about “playthings,” it’s your prerogative. Keep in mind that other writers will have a specific plaything at the centers of their stories and your story must stand up to theirs. Part of the contest is the creativity with which entrants use the themes.

      Looking forward to reading your entry. Enjoy the process!

  2. I sent in my submission awhile ago, but now that it’s getting close to the deadline, I have this sudden fear that it may not have gone through. Another contest I submitted to recently sent an auto response that my submission had been received, prompting this fear. Just making sure I shouldn’t have expected an email confirmation with my submission here. Thanks!

    • No, there’s no auto-response. I did check, though, and we do have a submission from you.

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