Scrambled Titles and Toasted Cheese!

Conundrums to Guess

If you haven’t read the first issue of Toasted Cheese, now’s the time to check it out. If you have read it, impress everyone one with how close you paid attention. Listed below are passages from each of the seven stories found in Volume One, Issue One. Below that, are the titles of the stories, but they’ve somehow gotten scrambled up. Arrange the letters to form the proper titles then match them to the appropriate passages.


  1. So here I wait, 45 minutes later, tapping my French manicure against the leather-wrapped steering wheel, anticipating that green light, seething at Barbie and Ken on their waxed Jet-Ski-Built-For-Two. That snapshot we consumers are allowed to witness of their plastic, imagined lives, interrupted by long, deckled strips of a rippling pool.
  2. “Mama?” Callie whispered. Her mother turned away and hid her face against the icebox, her bobbed hair shaking.Callie stared at Ellen, then at her mother. What did we do?”Take them away,” her mother hiccuped.
  3. “Are you okay, George?” The teller asked as he counted twenties. “You don’t look so well.” He initialed the deposit book and handed it back to George.
  4. “Mike and I are going to dance,” Aisling says.Why she is telling me this? She’s been dancing all night. I guess I’m supposed to be happy because this is Bio-Mike. “Have fun,” I say, dismissing them.
  5. Croissant Woman spotted me watching her. I smiled broadly and waved. Her eyes grew. They resembled lottery balls, flashing the day’s numbers from her head. The other woman ducked her head and walked to her car.I flicked ashes.
  6. “What happens when they don’t say goodbye?” I asked.”I dunno. Some people think they hang around for a while,” Heather said.
  7. “I believe what Madam smells is the aromatic almond pesto vinaigrette dressing. A family recipe. Quite safe, I assure you.” Jarvis kept his tone soothing. “Mr. Rathskeller would no more poison you than I would, Madam.”


  1. Nnaa Era’s Dtrbyiha Ecka
  2. Posu Ot Sutn
  3. Em
  4. Dalni’s Kittec
  5. Naglis
  6. Eb Lrfceua Hawt Uot Shwi Rfo
  7. Tomhre’s Tqobeuu

Answers after the jump.

Answers to Scrambled Titles and Toasted Cheese!

  1. – 5. Signal
  2. – 7. Mother’s Bouquet
  3. – 4. Linda’s Ticket
  4. – 6. Be Careful What You Wish For
  5. – 1. Anna Rae’s Birthday Cake
  6. – 3. Me
  7. – 2. Soup to Nuts
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