How Well Do You Snark?

Conundrums to Guess

  1. How many make up the crew, and can you name them all?
  2. The Baker claims he can only make one thing. What is it?
  3. The Butcher claims to kill only one thing. Who should be scared of the Butcher?
  4. According to the crew, Mercator’s North Poles, Equators, Tropics, Zones and Merdian Lines are merely what?
  5. Which two of the crew worked hard at sharpening a spade?
  6. What did the Baker do when the Bellman mentioned Boojums?
  7. The Butcher offers a math equation in Fit The Fifth. What’s the Answer?
  8. Why would the sentencing have no effect in the Barrister’s Dream?
  9. How much money did the Banker offer the Bandersnatch?
  10. Who vanishes in Fit the Eighth?

Answers after the jump.

Answers to The Snark Quiz

  1. Ten ~ Baker, Banker, Barrister, Beaver, Bellman, Billiard, Boots, Bonnets, Broker, Butcher
  2. Bride-cake
  3. The Beaver
  4. Conventional Signs.
  5. The Boots and The Broker
  6. He fainted away.
  7. 3
  8. Because the pig is dead.
  9. Seven-pounds-ten.
  10. The Baker

Congratulations to our winner, Mollie, who correctly answered all 10 questions!

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