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We’re dipping a toe into the podcasting waters and here’s our first attempt. We’ll post a new question in a minicast like this every Wednesday for #writerwednesday. We’re also working on a longer writing-inspiration podcast for Mondays. If you like this, please let us know! Like, share, comment and all that good stuff. Thanks 🙂


Answer in the comments or record your response and link back here if you post it on your blog or share the link. (If you’re looking for somewhere to host your audio file, try SoundCloud.)

Producer: Stephanie Lenz
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6 thoughts on “Question of the Week

  1. Great question. You know I’m gonna have to say that I generally don’t remember my childhood. You know, kind of like if I can’t remember the book I read last week, how could I possibly remember the details of my childhood. 🙂 But, I don’t recall children’s books from way back then. I recall older books I read when I became a reader that became must-read books over and over and what turned me into a never stop reader. The two that always stick out are Man O’ War and A Horse Called Mystery. The weird thing is that I don’t necessarily have a particular attraction to horses. I’ve never actually rode on a horse, don’t have a horse, don’t want a horse, but those are two books that I remember from my childhood being books that I wanted to read repeatedly. When it comes to more traditional children’s books, I turn to the books I read to my kids. I think Goodnight Moon is the one that struck me the most. And Tumble Bumble, too. Why? The only explanation I can come up with is that they are stories told with such few words, but they are so meaningful and powerful and fun anyway. And, well, the illustrations are perfect, too.

  2. It probably makes me really weird, but I don’t listen to podcasts!

    Taking my cue from the comment before mine: the first book i remember is ‘The Animals Merry Christmas’, a big book of illustrated stories, which in fact i still have.

    • But how will you lol at my voice if you don’t listen? 😉 (It’s less than a minute long, if that makes a difference.)

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