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Welcome to TC’s Question of the Week minicast. We post a new question every Wednesday for #writerwednesday. Each minicast is 30 seconds or less.

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Answer in the comments or link back here if you post your answer on your own blog. (If you’d like to record your response and are looking for somewhere to host your audio file, try SoundCloud.)

Producer: Stephanie Lenz
Sounds: PacmanGamer and Corsica_S; Music: gadzooks. All shared under a Creative Commons Attribution license and available at

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3 thoughts on “Question of the Week

  1. Nooooooo!!!!!! I have auditory processing issues — I am incredibly easily distracted when I’m listening to something. I think I’ve listened to only one audiobook in my life and that was the story that Stephen King released only in audiobook form. I have yet to listen to any podcasts, including TCs, because of my aversion to listening to things. Other than music, but music is different — you can fade in and out with music. But audiobooks and podcasts require auditory concentration. Something I simply don’t have.

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