My Writing Space: Bob Zeanah

“My Writing Space” is a series about writers and the places in which they write. To contribute, send a photo of your writing space along with a paragraph or two describing it and its influence on your writing to beaver[at] with the subject line “My Writing Space.”

Zeanah (3)

Shamelessly, I put a copy of my manuscript on the table as well as the cover design on my laptop. Let’s start the tour there.  I have my laptop—my friend and my enemy—with a cooling pad in the middle of a discarded butcher block table that I rescued from an elementary school forced to dispose of wooden tables in favor of stainless steel. In front of the laptop rests an ergonomic keyboard to provide relief to the aging fingers typing this message.

Zeanah (1)Ever-present coffee mug during the day (replaced with a glass of red wine at night) sits next to the laptop. The laptop is connected to a stereo, circa 1990, with three-foot speakers through which I audio stream a jazz radio station all day and well into the night. Legal pads and pens handy for notes, a poetry book to read when distracted, and a bookshelf devoted to nothing but office supplies and wires to connect to technology that I may or may not know how to use.

Two large bookshelves hold books—writing books, dictionaries, favorite books, books on my to-read list, and just books that I can’t throw away. The chair is an antique notary public style chair—swivel, rolls, leans back, made of curved wood, and squeaks horrendously.

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3 thoughts on “My Writing Space: Bob Zeanah

  1. La finesse des rêves.

    Dans le
    calme de la
    nuit la couleur
    de la neige
    rappelle la
    mémoire d’une
    pensée fugitive.

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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