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Conundrums to Guess

TC: Describe yourself (or your site) in five single words.

janra: Dunno, it’s just there, eh?

TC: Tell us about your first website.

janra: My first personal one, or first ever? My first ever was when the local college was making a website, and wanted a student representative from the high school. My compsci teacher picked me. I didn’t know HTML at the time, at all; that’s how I learned it. Fortunately, I’ve unlearned most of that, and learned to do things properly since then.

I cringe to think that the website is still there. And no, I’m not telling you where it is.

My first personal website… I think I was never a fan of personal websites because all the ones I saw had pictures of cats and dogs on them, and nothing I was interested in reading. I did several non-personal websites and finally did up the one I have now. It has been redesigned and moved a couple of times though, and I (thankfully) can’t remember what its first incarnation looked like.

TC: What’s the last word or phrase you did a search on?

janra: steam locomotive restoration

TC: Do you hand-code your pages or use a program?

janra: By hand of course. I’ve never found an HTML “authoring” program that I liked, and I have found a few text editors that I like.

TC: What’s your favorite form of potato?

janra: I don’t have a favourite, I just like potato

TC: Describe the perfect pizza.

janra: Home-made

TC: Name your poison.

janra: I don’t like putting poisons in my body, even the socially acceptable ones.

TC: What’s the last creative writing you’ve done?

janra: Well, I was working on my novel this past weekend…

TC: What are three essential things in your writing space?

janra: pen, paper, and inkwell

TC: Tell us about one of the first things you remember writing.

janra: Can’t remember the grade, but a boy in my class and I collaborated on a story; we worked it out together, then I wrote it and he illustrated it. Early elementary, but not sure how early.

All I remember about the story now was one of the illustrations; a stegosaurus stretched out on his belly, drawing something on a piece of paper with his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth in concentration.

TC: Who was the first person to encourage your writing?

janra: Can’t remember… I started writing longer ago than I can remember. Presumably my mother.

TC: What one thing is guaranteed you laugh?

janra: A really awful pun.

I may follow the laugh with an object thrown at the perpetrator of the pun, however.

TC: What was the greatest invention of the 20th century?

janra: Good question. Most of the things I can think of were either invented before 1900 or don’t qualify as “great”, much less “the greatest”. How about liquid nitrogen ice cream? that’s pretty great.

(I bet you thought I was going to say something about computers, didn’t you?)

TC: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? What turns you off?

janra: interest (as distinct from inspiration). I’m very rarely what I would call “inspired”, but I spend a lot of time cruising with a high level of interest in some subject or another.

TC: What sound or noise do you love? What sound or noise do you hate?

janra: I love to hear a purring cat. There’s just something about that rumble that gets me (especially when I have my ear pressed right against the cat’s ribs).

I hate wobbly fans worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. Wobbly fans drive me nuts.

TC: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? What profession would you not like to do?

janra: oh, loads… photographer, writer, astronaut, and any number of volunteer societies that do things I enjoy but wouldn’t want to do as a full-time job…

TC: Where do you call home? Are you there now, and if not, where are you?

janra: I call several places home, depending on where I am at the time. I have even been known to call a hotel room “home” when I’m tired.

janra’s sites:

:: the paradox ::

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