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      The Sunday Brunch Prompted Writing Chat is an opportunity each week to test your skills at writing under pressure — or to have some fun without the need to be brilliant — or both!

      The prompts are intended as both as a challenge and a starting point, open to creative interpretation. You can use these as an excuse to write anything that comes to mind, whether it’s fiction or creative non-fiction or a mixture of both. You can write a separate piece for each prompt, or try to link them all together in a single story.

      If you join in the chat, you can add “an excuse to complain about unfair prompts” to the entertainment, too. But even if you can’t attend the chat session, feel free to give the prompts a try anyway (and leave your responses, comments, or complaints in this thread if you like).

      This week’s prompts are posted below.

      1. Use the following five words: annual, miserable, hilarious, possession, eye. (10 min)

      2. Use the phrase, “bleached by the sun.” (10 min)

      3. Write about an unusual coffee break. (10 min)

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      “You doing okay?” Josh asked, glancing at the other side of the front seat.

      “Quit asking me that,” said Olivia. “And thanks for bailing me out.”

      “They were ready to be rid of you,” said Josh. “Cops make the worst hospital patients.”

      “Possibly excepting doctors,” said Olivia. She laughed, and as she did, the pitch of her voice cleared from the mail, Detective Oliver register, into the one Josh associated with Olivia, his partner, and unquestionably… Well, herself.

      “That’s hilarious,” she said. “It was miserable, trying to behave myself when I wasn’t feeling well. I was afraid…”

      “It’s over now,” said Josh. He gave her the eye, and she basked in his attention. “Now that you’re in possession of your wits, we can get reacquainted. I’ve missed you.”

      “I missed you, too. It was just a little too exciting.”

      “But not tonight, you have a headache,” said Josh.

      “Probably true,” said Olivia. “Or if not now, I will again when I lie down. Are we there yet, Josh?”

      “Soon. And when we get there you’ll have to walk into the house wearing that,” he added. “And I, wearing this.”

      “I can’t wait to peel you out of all that,” said Olivia.

      “I figured I should match what your record says your partner is,” said Josh.

      “Thank you,” said Olivia.

      Olivia popped the door open when Josh stopped the car in the driveway, but decided against getting out of the car. “It’s so sunny out there.”

      “And I’m getting bleached by it,” said Josh. “I remember sunbathing on purpose, with this girl Janet I knew in school. Her dad’s roof deck gave us some privacy.”

      “It’s just that the hospital, and before that the… uh… wherever I was… was shadowy with soft light,” said Olivia. “The sun feels like a knife in the side of my head.”

      Josh pulled her up by the hands, took hold of her face, and turned it both ways. “Nope, no bloody knife handles on either side.”

      Olivia laughed as she stumbled up the stairs in Josh’s arm. They stopped while he retrieved his house key from his shoulder bag.

      When the door was shut, Josh stripped the suit coat off of Olivia and helped her sit down on the couch. He stripped off two layers of tight-ish t-shirts off his own torso, replacing the little ones underneath by one big one on top. He dropped the shoulder bag like radioactive waste, and went back outside to lock up the car.

      “Can I get you some iced tea or something?” Josh asked, when he returned.

      “I think maybe I’ll lie down for a while,” said Olivia.

      “Need any help?”

      “Maybe getting my shoes off. When I bend over, that knife in my head? Doesn’t move, so it’s twisting in the wound.”

      “That sounds horrible,” said Josh.

      “You should see the other guy,” said Olivia, and she laughed again. “Or, you know, maybe coffee… they wouldn’t give me any in the hospital and speaking of the other guy, he wouldn’t, either.”

      “Coming right up. Shall I prop you up on some pillows?”

      “That sounds lovely.”

      Josh went to the kitchen, ground some beans, put them in the filter and waited. “Oh. I’m gonna need a mug,” he chuckled, putting the pitcher of boiling water aside for a moment. “And they’re all in the dishwasher.” So he extracted one, inspected it, swished some hot water around inside, and dispensed coffee into it.

      “Your favorite mug,” said Olivia. “I feel honored.”

      “It’s the cleanest one I could find.”

      “You didn’t have to tell me that. This smells soooooo goooood.”

      Josh watched as the crease between Olivia’s eyes relaxed. “You haven’t even started drinking it yet, and already you’re relaxing.”

      “There’s a layer of creativity between our experiences and our bodies, don’t you think?” said Olivia. “It’s kind of like psychosomatic suggestion or something.”

      “It’s true,” said Josh. “And that’s a really interesting way to put it.”

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      I stepped back from the hug and had to look up. He wasn’t super tall, but my eye-level was barely at his shoulder.
      His arms tightened for a beat before he released me from his arms. As if he didn’t want to relinquish possession quite yet. Then, he caught the puzzled look on Chris’s face and took another step back.
      If I didn’t realize how much this could be viewed as a conflict of interest with Chris’s potential promotion, I would have found their non-verbal conversation hilarious. “Let’s go Daniel will meet us at the restaurant.”
      Darryl nodded at his truck. “Might as well hop in, the AC already has the cab cooled down.”
      Chris opened the passenger door for me. Which surprised me considering the look on his face a few seconds ago. “You need to give Darryl directions. It’ll be easier from the front seat.”
      Despite knowing the seating arrangements made sense, I was disappointed at Chris’s gesture not being an approval of the relationship I’ve developed with Darryl, if only in my head. The last thing I wanted to do is make my new-found brother miserable.
      Once we were on our way, Darryl spoke. “So how did you know you’d become sick? You look pretty healthy to me.”
      “Geez Darryl. Start her off with the up close and personal questions why don’t you?” Chris grumbled from the back seat.
      “Sorry.” Darryl’s cheeks blossomed with a blush that crept up to his ears. “Occupational hazard of being a cop.”
      “I don’t mind.” I said. “I much prefer someone being blunt to having them dance around a subject.” I shrugged. “During my annual physical, I mentioned to the doctor how I hadn’t been feeling normal since my last trip. I was constantly fatigued, and nothing seemed to make me feel better. They ran all sorts of tests and despite my vaccination, I contracted a variant of XYZ. I’ve been managing it with medication but to cure it I need a bone marrow transplant.”
      Darryl asked me more questions in between me giving him directions to where we were meeting Uncle Daniel.
      From the outside, the little hole-in-the-wall restaurant didn’t look like much. The door and window sills needed a fresh coat of paint and the Gingham curtains were bleached by the sun. “Don’t let it’s looks fool you. This place has the best seafood.” I told my skeptical companions. “Uncle Daniel is already here. There’s his truck. He’s probably already deep into his second pot of coffee. I tease him all the time about his unusual coffee infusion process.”
      “You’re talking to a couple of policemen, we live on coffee. We are suspect of people who have just one cup and are done. That’s just not normal.
      I led them into the restaurant and waved to Judy, the owner. “I have new customers for you to wow with your kitchen prowess.”
      “Where did you find these handsome gents?” she asked me as she followed us to Uncle Daniel’s table with menus.
      “This is my half-brother Chris and his friend Darryl.”
      “Half-brother?” Judy’s voice rose up in question. “When did that happen?”

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