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Absolute Blank

For Writers

Absolute Blank articles can be about any aspect of writing. We’re flexible on length (anywhere from 500–2000 words is fine). There is no remuneration, but you do get a byline and hence, a writing credit for your resume. Articles are archived permanently, so you can direct potential employers/clients who want to see a sample of your work to the page or you can print a copy to use as a clip. We are open to new writers, and will work with you to make your article the best it can be.

Articles should be previously unpublished. We will consider, on a case-by-case basis, articles that are adaptations of pieces previously posted on personal blogs.

Send your query to the editors with “Absolute Blank” in the subject line.


By submitting an article to the Absolute Blank section of Toasted Cheese, you grant Toasted Cheese exclusive electronic rights to your article for a period of 30 days, should your article be accepted, as well as a non-exclusive right to maintain a copy of the published article in the Absolute Blank archives indefinitely. Effective January 2008, you also grant Toasted Cheese the right to post an audio version (podcast) of your article on the site (authors of articles published 2001–2007 will be contacted to obtain permission for this use). You retain all other rights, including the right to publish the article in non-electronic form at any time. Any subsequent publication should include the credit “originally published at”

“Exclusive electronic rights” means that you agree not to re-publish your article elsewhere online while your article is featured on the main page of the Absolute Blank section of Toasted Cheese. “Publish” means any public display of your work, and includes your personal website/blog and posting to message boards. You are welcome to link to the page featuring your article instead. Once your article has been archived, you are free to re-publish your work online.


All articles are copyright their respective authors. If you wish to reprint an article, permission must be obtained from the author in question. You may contact the author directly or contact the editors and we will put you in touch with the author. Reprints should include the credit “originally published at” and indicate that the author has granted you permission to reprint it.

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