Excuses, Excuses

Absolute Blank

By Amanda Marlowe (The Bellman)

Another New Year, another set of writing resolutions. How’d you make out with them last year? If you are like many people, those shiny resolutions wore off pretty quickly, and by now, you are probably back to making all the same excuses you made to put off writing that you’ve been making every year.

So this year, instead of writing an article about setting goals and resolutions, or giving you more writing tips, we thought we’d do something a little different. Let’s recognize and celebrate our excuses for what they are. To that end, we’ve created the Writer’s Excuse Bingo card, an interactive excuse finder.

Excuses, ExcusesClick here to play Writer’s Excuse Bingo. When you hear one of the excuses on the card coming out of your mouth, or whispering in your brain, click the box. See how long it takes you to call out BINGO! Or go to the Pen In Each Hand exercise for guidelines on turning your excuses into writing opportunities.

Free Space isn’t exactly free: You need to write something, even if it’s only a word or two, to be able to play it.

You can download the Writer’s Excuse Bingo to play offline by saving the file (File menu, Save Page As…) to your computer and opening the saved file in your browser. No internet connection needed to play or get a new card, but you do of course need a connection to follow any of the handy Toasted Cheese links we also provide on the page.

And if you don’t like our excuses, you can go into the saved html file and edit the code to provide your own. Use a simple text editor or code editor like Notepad++. (Word and similarly complicated editors tend to add a lot of junk to html files.) Just change the text in the quotes inside the excuse arrays in the script provided. If you mess something up beyond fixing, you can always download a new card file.

Enjoy, and may it keep you writing!

Final Poll Results

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