Write Whimsical Horror (and more exercises)

A Pen In Each Hand

By Baker

  1. Try to write “whimsical horror,” as defined in our interview with Mercedes M. Yardley. If you need help with horror writing check out “Imaginable Horror.”
  2. Write or read magical realism (defined in our Writer’s Glossary series). If a storyline stumps you, create a character or setting inspired by magical realism that you might use in a different story.
  3. In our interview, Mercedes talked about belonging to more than one writing group. Join or create a writing group online or in real life. Toasted Cheese’s writing community is always looking for new voices. Bring some friends!
  4. Write without knowing where your story or poem is going.
  5. Write quickly, in bursts as long or short as you have time for, without rethinking or rewriting as you go.
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