Write a Unique Selling Proposition for Your Non-Fiction Book Idea

A Pen In Each Hand

By fmwrites

Begin with a “10-Second Elevator Speech.” This is the term I use for how you would give a brief summary covering your book’s main content in an interest-grabbing way that sets your book apart from all others. As if you had an elevator ride to do so. (Not easy!)

Then, write bullet points on what the reader (consumer) will get, specifically, from reading your book (the reader’s take-aways, or the solution to the reader’s problem).

Finally, write a couple bullet points on how that will be done (what features of the book will provide those reader benefits). This USP will serve as a wonderfully concise platform for building your or query letter, or book proposal, or marketing plan, or business plan, or grant application… as you can tell, a USP is a powerful tool!

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