What’s In A Name? +
A Rose By Any Other Name…

A Pen In Each Hand

By Beaver

What’s In A Name? Imagine four couples who all live in the same city. Each woman has the given name Elizabeth and each man has the given name William. One couple uses their full names, Elizabeth and William. Another prefers Liz and Will. The third goes by Beth and Liam. The last are called Betsy and Billy. Describe each couple. Now imagine that all four couples show up at the same party. What happens?

A Rose By Any Other Name… On the TV show “Sex and the City”, there’s a character known as Mr. Big, or simply Big. (If you haven’t seen the show, he’s the on-again off-again forty-ish boyfriend of Carrie, the 35-ish narrator. They live in Manhattan; she’s a writer, he’s… hmm. Well, it’s all very mysterious, but he has a car & driver and he’s usually seen wearing a suit. We think he owns a company.) Choose a first, middle and last name for this character. Explain how and why you chose the names.

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