September 2004
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about making hot apple cider.
  2. Write about a man in a car.
  3. Start with “Last September had been warmer.”
  4. Where would you go if you had a magic carpet?
  5. Write about something lurking in a cave.
  6. Describe a fight between two brothers.
  7. Use the words sausage, aerosol, global warming, and balderdash.
  8. What would one of your characters say to your favorite author?
  9. Lie under a tree and look up through the leaves. What do you see?
  10. Create an illness and describe someone who has it.
  11. Write about a cake with candles on it.
  12. End a story with “And then the doorbell rang.”
  13. Start with “Sometimes I’m not so sure about love.”
  14. Write a conversation between two people with opposing viewpoints.
  15. Use the line “pit of my stomach.”
  16. Open a magazine and use the first ad you see as the start of a story.
  17. Write about being stood up.
  18. Write about a character who is an optimist in the face of something hopeless
  19. Choose a song for your character’s “soundtrack.” Explain why.
  20. Write about a stalker.
  21. Start with: “She heard a knocking, and then…”
  22. Write about your first painful memory.
  23. List 5 songs; write for min., incorporating one line of lyrics from each.
  24. Describe lust 3 ways, drawing on a different sense each time.
  25. Use these words: engulf, flavor, tide.
  26. Center a story around a personal ad that starts: “MILF looking for fun…”
  27. Write a rejection letter.
  28. Start with “I believe…” and write for minutes.
  29. Creatively incorporate a recipe into a story/poem/essay.
  30. Write a blog entry from the PoV of a person who is extremely pretentious.
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