September 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about a woman in a non-traditional job
  2. Write about a man in an untraditional job
  3. Start with “Wednesday”
  4. Love yourself and your creativity today
  5. Begin with “Ugh, what is that?”
  6. Read some poetry
  7. Spend your writing time doing some editing
  8. Share your work with someone who’s never read it
  9. Learn more about a favorite writer
  10. Put a book near your remote control. Read instead of watching TV
  11. Begin a story with the color your character loves
  12. Begin a story with a color your character hates.
  13. Write about a fan.
  14. Describe the sky today.
  15. Begin with “Today is my anniversary”
  16. Write about your favorite teacher.
  17. Write about someone with a disability.
  18. Describe yourself in exacting details.
  19. Write about cookies.
  20. Describe your favorite reading chair.
  21. Sound off about a law you disagree with.
  22. Write a chapter in an hour.
  23. Write about something that always seems better in the movies than IRL.
  24. Write about a professional wife.
  25. Write a flash story or poem using words of 6 letters or less.
  26. Organize your writing space today.
  27. Create a character sketch of a woman named ‘Doc’.
  28. Start with “Why is the steering wheel red?”
  29. Write a review of the last movie you saw.
  30. Write an impressionistic view of a lake.
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