Practice Readings

A Pen In Each HandBy Beaver

Do you want to join the writing group that meets at your favorite bookstore or long to participate in open mike night at your local coffeehouse, but hold back because you’re terrified of reading your work aloud? Calm those butterflies by doing practice readings. Choose a passage from your novel, a short story (or portion), or a few poems. Prepare a short introduction to the piece(s) you plan to read—a synopsis of the story, if you’ve chosen to read an excerpt, for example, or an explanation of what inspired the piece, if you’ve chosen poems or flash fiction. Start by reading the introduction and chosen work to yourself. When you feel ready, enlist a willing volunteer or two to be your “audience.” If you have a videocamera, record yourself as well. Refine your “performance” with the help of feedback from your audience and the camera. Keep practicing until you’re comfortable. Now get out there and share your work!

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