Portfolio Template + Writer Biography

A Pen In Each HandBy Baker

Quick Portfolio Template

Name (pen name if applicable)
e-mail address 1
e-mail address 2
URL of portfolio or index page
(There’s no need to publish personal info like your address or phone number so be safe and leave it off. If an agent or employer needs to contact you, they can e-mail you)

If you have a writing, English or communications degree:
(degree), (area), (university), (year)

Published Creative Writing
“Story/poem” — Publication — Date
Organize by genre, then date for a neat appearance.
Use the titles as hyperlinks to the stories.

— if you write genre fiction like erotica, fanfic, sf/f or slash, create a separate portfolio/statement for them —

Published Articles
“Title” — Topic, if unclear from title — Publication — Date

“Story/Poem” — Contest — Publication — Date

Work-related writing (articles, proposals, newsletters, etc.)
Give a general description of the type of writing and the subject matter.
A thesis should be given specific reference, like so:
“Title” — Publication — Date

Unpublished writing
Use the titles as hyperlinks to the stories.

Organizations, writer’s groups, etc. to which you belong.

If you have editing or contest-judging experience, mention that like so:
Position — Publication — Dates
(this isn’t a resume so you don’t need to list your duties)

Other creative projects, like photography, music or mixed media may be mentioned as well, if they apply to your writing.

Writer biography a.k.a. “artist statement.”
For a rough draft, complete these thoughts:

  • I began writing because… (remember: “artist statement,” not “quiz.” Be more specific than “to express myself” or “to tell stories” or “because I must.”)
  • I write about… (themes, characters, etc., in a broad sense)
  • My artistic goal is to… (we’re talking about what you want for your readers, not yourself)
  • My writing process is… (where you write, what tools you use — from pen to coffee, etc.)
  • Feel free to add a brief personal statement like “I live in rural north Florida with my girlfriend Jessamine and our two dogs Mia and Vincent” toward the end. Check out writer bios in published anthologies to see some examples.
  • From here, go on to tweak your artist statement so it reads more like a story and less like a form. Artist statements are popular on the web. Visit your webpages of your favorite writers and artists to get some ideas for your statement.
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