Personal Challenge

A Pen In Each Hand

By Baker

  1. Join 52/25! Take the challenge to write, edit and submit your short fiction for publication every other week for the next year.
  2. Take a first step. Set a deadline for two weeks from today. In those two weeks, get an idea for a short story (any length), write a rough draft, edit and polish your piece and send it out for publication. If the story is rejected, try again (and possibly edit it again as well). Don’t forget to use our forums to get feedback on your piece. If you miss your deadline, don’t give up! Your next attempt may only take a few days.
  3. Set up your own challenge-based writing community. Base your community on genre, style, deadlines, quantity, word count, publication, and/or the writers themselves. Create a Facebook page, Twitter ID, blog, message board and/or other “meeting place” whether you’re online, offline or both.
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