Pace Yourself

A Pen In Each Hand

By Boots

In her article on timing, Boots showed you a couple examples of how writing can be slowed down or sped up to get the pacing just right. Here are the “before” paragraphs again. As an exercise, try rewriting each of them yourself. Or, find a scene of your own where the timing feels off and rewrite it using Boots’s advice.

Too Fast: Latrina felt like she belonged in the tribe as she had helped them set up for the talent show and it had been a long time since she felt that. Even after she had been cured from madness, it seemed very right to be part of the talent show.

Too Slow: The horses, along with the rest of the livestock being taken on the voyage, were lowered into the hold. A net of strong rope was brought under their bellies while another rope ran around their chest and another around their rump under their tails, to keep them from sliding either forward or backward. Two thick ropes attached the net to a pulley. The horses were lowered in one by one, Halken first, then Ponzol, followed by Nexus and then Zara. They went calmly, their legs hanging limply till their hooves touched the floor, then they neighed for their mistresses. They were the last of the animals to be lowered into the hold, for all the others had been taken down before the group had even arrived.

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