October 2018
Daily Writing Prompts

  1. A Pen In Each Hand“The weather’s never like this.”
  2. Use these 5 words: nondescript, polo shirt, webmaster, yonder, agonize.
  3. Write about improvising a recipe
  4. Use the following phrase: refugees are at risk
  5. Write about making a video backwards
  6. Use these 5 words: faithful, cluttered, brush, measure, poke.
  7. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
    1. Use the following five words: powder, accountant, record, spirit, guest.
    2. Use the phrase: “Not that, either.”
    3. Write about weeds.
  8. Use the following phrase: a May wedding
  9. Looking up scores long after the game.
  10. Use the following phrase: named after prominent locals
  11. One culture’s hero is another culture’s villain
  12. Use these 5 words: disinterest, excessive, lucid, husbandry, station.
  13. Going on a trip without underwear
  14. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
    1. Use the following five words: history, syndrome, movie, rough, fog.
    2. Describe the room or surroundings in detail.
    3. Fill in the blank: “I’ve never seen a ________ like that.”
  15. Use the phrase, “No, do this first.”
  16. Write about encountering a doppelganger.
  17. Write about strangely colored leaves.
  18. Use the following phrase: has lost its soul
  19. “Your crabgrass has crabgrass.”
  20. Use these 5 words: brick, wheel, heat, lush, animated.
  21. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  22. Use these 5 words: acoustics, zonked, discreet, hungry, quince.
  23. You disagree with your main character about something important.
  24. Your antagonist is named Paramesh Pandya.
  25. Write about what the robot rover does while out of touch.
  26. Use these 5 words: bathrobe, issue, paramedic, harebrained, prose.
  27. Use the phrase, “It’s getting late.”
  28. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
    1. Use the following five words: excess, astonishing, memory, thumb, measure.
    2. Write about telling someone how to do something.
    3. Fill in the blank: ” ________ runs in the family.”
  29. An argument about power bills for decorations
  30. Use these 5 words: ultimate, badass, saffron, attempt, pyrotechnic.
  31. “It got here early.”
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