October 2002
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about a sleepless night
  2. Write about a day dream
  3. Begin with “They slept in separate rooms “
  4. Describe a seedy motel room
  5. Determine to remember your dreams and Write about them.
  6. Write about a spiritual experience.
  7. Describe your image of God or Goddess
  8. Begin with “I always knew”
  9. Research the history of Guatemala.
  10. Have fun, collect leaves today.
  11. Ask relatives to tell you their favorite family stories.
  12. Write about an object you’ve found recently.
  13. Cut interesting images out of magazines. Arrange them and Write about them.
  14. If you had three wishes, what would they be?
  15. Describe someone’s hand in great detail.
  16. Write a piece of music in words.
  17. Write a page of your novel in script form.
  18. Try painting or coloring something.
  19. Write a letter from your protagonist to his/her mother.
  20. Write about an anniversary.
  21. What are you thankful for?
  22. Write about something small but significant.
  23. Write about being in or under water.
  24. Re Write or revise an old piece.
  25. Write about love without using the word ‘love’.
  26. Write about your dream island.
  27. Write a letter complimenting someone who waited on you today.
  28. Write a character profile of an evil coward.
  29. Write about life before cable television.
  30. Write a scene featuring an etui.
  31. Write about something false as if it were true.
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