November 2004
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about something simmering in a pan.
  2. Write about Fall from a leaf’s point of view.
  3. Make a list of three things your character did when he/she/it was four.
  4. Start a story with “I sealed the envelope.”
  5. Write about a sticky situation.
  6. Explain why you picked a certain name for a character of yours.
  7. End a story with “She poured the tea.”
  8. Write about a dog collar.
  9. Describe your character’s greatest weakness.
  10. Write about a little lie that grows into something large.
  11. Write about a sacrifice.
  12. Use the words “message,” “pumpernickle,” and “wishing well” in a story
  13. Start a story with “Why was the door painted purple?”
  14. Write about a character named Myron Bailey.
  15. Take yesterday’s writing prompt and change Myron’s occupation
  16. Stuck in a story? Change a character’s marital or relationship status
  17. Explain a character’s scar or other physical injury
  18. Research contests and resolve to enter one before New Year’s Eve
  19. Use song lyrics to inspire a story or poem
  20. Write about a clock that stops ticking
  21. Write about the minutiae of your neighborhood.
  22. Use these words: opportunity, truth, image.
  23. List 5 words; 2nd starts w/ last letter of 1st, etc; use each in a sentence.
  24. Describe grief 3 ways, drawing on a different sense each time.
  25. Start with: “They were walking along the river path…”
  26. Go people-watching and take your notebook to jot down conversations & ideas
  27. Change a character’s name and rewrite accordingly
  28. Set your story backward or forward in time by 30 years
  29. Begin your story in the middle of the action
  30. Write about a change someone smells coming
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