November 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about hunger.
  2. Write about a craving.
  3. Describe a mirage.
  4. Write about the many uses of a yardstick.
  5. Begin with “That’s not orange”
  6. Write about a kitchen
  7. Write about a green light
  8. Write the story behind a song
  9. Go to Sunday Brunch chat and try the writing prompts there
  10. Write a fight scene
  11. Write about a gift
  12. Describe a charater’s pet
  13. Draw a setting from one of your stories
  14. Write a dialogue that takes place around the dinner table
  15. Write from the point of view of an animal
  16. Make a list of what you would buy if you could afford it.
  17. Read a classic novel.
  18. Write about war.
  19. Make a birthday card by hand.
  20. Listen to classical music.
  21. Write about a recipe/food that reminds you of childhood.
  22. Write the table of contents for the non-fic book you plan to write “one day”
  23. Write about a–literal or metaphorical–circus.
  24. Write a story where an incriminating video plays a role.
  25. Write about a pet.
  26. Start with “The casserole looked poisonous”
  27. Discover and record your family history.
  28. Write about a wishbone.
  29. Write about a horseshoe.
  30. Tell a funny story about yourself.
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