November 2002
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about the morning after.
  2. Write about getting fired.
  3. Write a letter to someone you miss.
  4. Write a review of your favorite band.
  5. Write about someone’s 30th birthday.
  6. Start with “These directions don’t make sense”
  7. Write a story with a cistern as the focal point.
  8. Create a world that has only two colors.
  9. Write a dialogue between artist and model
  10. Write about the flavor and texture of squash
  11. Write about resolving a conflict.
  12. Write about a gold ring.
  13. Create a new type of animal.
  14. Blow soap bubbles. Imagine a journey in one of them.
  15. Describe what you like most about autumn.
  16. Write about a Sweet Sixteen party.
  17. Share your favorite writing site URL with the TC community.
  18. Tell us how you learned to dance.
  19. Create a character with multiple allergies
  20. Write your character’s will.
  21. Write “a message in a bottle”.
  22. Write about being cold.
  23. Choose 20 words at random from the dictionary & use them in a story or poem.
  24. Start with “I remember…”
  25. Write about an autumn storm.
  26. Write about a spelunker.
  27. Start with “When we reached the summit …”
  28. Write about an Internet love affair
  29. Research pretzel making
  30. Create a contemporary story featuring a Goddess from Greek mythology
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