May 2019
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. “Mayday, mayday!”
  2. Write about: an unwelcome conversation.
  3. Write about the birthday of a departed loved one.
  4. Write about: comparing notes.
  5. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  6. Start with this line of dialogue: “Thank goodness for plastic surgery!”
  7. Answer a question with “Did you mean…?”
  8. Write about: a marriage of convenience.
  9. Write about dumping information on a new person.
  10. Start with this line of dialogue: “This song is actually a cover.”
  11. Write about obsessively staring at a phone screen.
  12. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  13. Write about seeking out other native speakers of your language.
  14. Write about: an act of ecoterrorism.
  15. Having a hard time explaining something.
  16. Your setting is: mid-morning, heavy rain, city park, hostile atmosphere.
  17. Use the phrase, “Tell me that you love me.”
  18. Write about: an offensive nickname.
  19. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  20. Use these 5 words: flabbergasted, murders, cookies, dolls, psyche.
  21. Write about a new box of crayons.
  22. Your setting is: mid-morning, thick fog, on a train, gloomy atmosphere.
  23. Fill in: “On this date in ______ (year)”
  24. Use these 5 words: cabaret, hipster, synthetic, smolder, condescending.
  25. “There are only 210 shopping days til Christmas!”
  26. Get today’s prompts on Twitter.
  27. Write about the 13th ad for the same product.
  28. Start with this line of dialogue: “I’m sad to see _____ go.”
  29. Write about new beginnings.
  30. Write about: a resignation letter.
  31. Write about very strange weather.

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