May 2005
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Your character is at target practice. Why?
  2. This scene takes place in a library.
  3. Your character contracts malaria.
  4. Start with an unexpected death.
  5. Create a premise for a new reality program (250 words max).
  6. Someone vomits in unfortunate circumstances.
  7. Someone shows you his/her badge. What happens next?
  8. There is (a) cricket in your story.
  9. Create a mix CD (10 songs), then write a blurb explaining your choices.
  10. Something is on fire.
  11. Your character is in the audience at a concert or play.
  12. Use the newspaper for a purpose other than reading.
  13. Someone is on trial—what are the lawyers doing?
  14. Your character finds him/herself in a buffet restaurant.
  15. The bride or groom runs away days before the wedding. Why?
  16. George Costanza wanted to be an architect. Write about your fake career.
  17. You’ve given two weeks’ notice—what happens now?
  18. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
  19. You overhear a cell phone conversation—write about it.
  20. A missing plane is found.
  21. Write about a non-traditional wedding.
  22. Your character encounters Bigfoot (or another mythical creature).
  23. Rant about a pseudo-celeb who gets too much media attention.
  24. Someone has just been released from prison. What does s/he do now?
  25. You find a severed body part. Write about it.
  26. Write about what you are talented at.
  27. Fabricate a 911 call. Use dialogue only, and make it funny.
  28. Write a review of the book you’ve just finished reading.
  29. Create an email scam / hoax letter.
  30. Your character has to make an apology. Write it.
  31. You’ve broken the law. What’s your crime?
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