May 2004
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write a review of any movie based on a book.
  2. Write about a character who is mistaken for the opposite sex.
  3. Write about someone fired/expelled for an opinion expressed in a blog.
  4. Write about what someone w/o an heir decides to do with his/her possessions.
  5. Write about a pop culture phenomenon that you just don’t understand.
  6. Use these 5 words in a story/poem: toxic, mustache, mama, sunscreen, motto.
  7. Write about something forgotten.
  8. Describe the perfect treehouse.
  9. Write about a speeding ticket.
  10. Describe a character who is eating pudding.
  11. Write a poem about laundry.
  12. Go to a park. Write about something you see there.
  13. Write about a muddy sneaker.
  14. Create a new color, and write about objects that have that color.
  15. Write about a pebble.
  16. End with “I only saw him once after that.”
  17. Write about a man in a suit.
  18. Write about time travel.
  19. Describe the perfect cookie.
  20. Watch someone in a crowd. Make up a past for them.
  21. List 5 things you can see out your window; write for 3 minutes on each.
  22. Write about a brief encounter.
  23. Start with: “The woman is standing near the window…”
  24. Use these words: bedridden, gnarled, quiver.
  25. Describe envy 3 ways, drawing on a different sense each time.
  26. Find a blog with a different perspective than yours & write an entry for it.
  27. Someone has TP hanging out of his/her pants. Write the ensuing conversation.
  28. Take a favorite recipe and incorporate it into a story or poem.
  29. Give 5 pieces of advice to someone considering your career/education program
  30. Write about your favorite pen.
  31. Write about a conflict in a laundry room / laundromat.
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