May 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about a character in danger.
  2. Start with “I knew I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed…”
  3. Write a scene that takes place at a wedding.
  4. Write about being a fool.
  5. Base a story on a drive-in movie.
  6. Have your character do something you’d never dare
  7. What’s the worst that could happen? Write it!
  8. Write about a fad
  9. Use these in a story: a green candle, a box of papers and a bottle of wine
  10. Have a character from an old story make a different choice
  11. Write about a cross-dresser.
  12. Describe the horizon from where you live.
  13. Write about a golfer who cheats on his scorecard.
  14. Describe insects mating.
  15. Begin with “Her watch stopped at 11:15.
  16. Write out your Christmas list.
  17. Write about a news story as if you were participating in it.
  18. Write about a childhood trauma.
  19. Write a conversation between two five-year-olds.
  20. Write about what you did LAST summer.
  21. Describe a family ritual.
  22. Write about a visit from someone you don’t like.
  23. Use complementary colors symbolically in a story or poem.
  24. Write about a concert.
  25. Document, in words, an event you’d normally capture on film.
  26. Write about a fallen tree limb.
  27. Describe the beauty within an unattractive character
  28. Steam burns, write about it.
  29. Create a toast for a marriage you don’t approve of.
  30. Begin with “I hate rainbows”
  31. Write about a woman with heavy eye makeup.
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