May 2002
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write a letter to your favorite fictional character.
  2. Write about an annoying co-worker.
  3. Write about the circumstances that led to an appointment being forgotten.
  4. Write about what you do for others without expecting anything in return.
  5. Write about a bad habit you can’t break.
  6. Write 27 sentences containing the word easy
  7. Study the sky tonight. Create your own mythological constellations
  8. Create a character profile of a clockmaker.
  9. Re Write your favorite poem in prose.
  10. Be bold, eat something you’ve been afraid to try.
  11. Research the history of tatting
  12. Write a story featuring a Rose of Sharon
  13. Write a letter to your grandmother or grandfather.
  14. Allow color to enter your current work in progress.
  15. Talk to every animal you see today.
  16. Do something you love but never have time for.
  17. Write from the POV of one of your parents.
  18. Write about a look-alike (not a twin).
  19. Take an online test.
  20. Start a story with a famous line from a famous movie.
  21. Get revenge: Write a complaint letter.
  22. Write about the first time you used a computer.
  23. What makes a house a home?
  24. Pick a sentence at random from a favorite book and use it as a starter.
  25. What’s your opinion of altruism? Defend it.
  26. Stuck in a story? Yank the carpet out from under your character
  27. Begin a new story/poem, using the weather you’re experiencing today
  28. Usually Write prose? Write a poem. You’re a poet? Write a story.
  29. Write about a small-town celebration
  30. Send your character into (or out of) the Big City
  31. Review your writing goals. Make new ones to replace any that aren’t working
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