March 2012
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Use a current popular song as a prompt.
  2. Click the link and pick a photo to write about.
  3. Failing health.
  4. Get today’s Sunday brunch prompts at Twitter.
    1. Use the following words: silver, factory, house, guess, ancient
    2. Use the phrase “I thought it was extinct.”
    3. Fill in the blank: “I’ve been ______ my whole life.”
  5. Watching a kitten play with string.
  6. Miscommunication of quantitative information.
  7. The next layer of subtlety.
  8. Getting a hand-out. OR Moving away.
  9. Going without something important.
  10. Unexpected visit from an old friend.
  11. Get today’s Sunday brunch prompts at Twitter.
    1. Use the following five words: well, slide, welcoming, cicadas, lips.
    2. Write about counting (or a Count)
    3. Use the phrase, “Speaking of apocalypses…”
  12. Collision between two parts of a character’s life.
  13. “Tell me why.”
  14. “That color is not on the rainbow.”
  15. Beware the Ides of March.
  16. Sandals in the snow.
  17. Look up “synecdoche” and use one.
  18. Get today’s Sunday brunch prompts at Twitter.
    1. Use the following words: mixing, destination, slowly, reached, often.
    2. aethycyn: Add a breakfast food.
    3. Sue: whooping cough, potting soil, killer, amazed and cinnamon
    4. bo: In honour of Rush Limbaugh: write about (a) wearsluts and/or (b) bewaresluts
    5. ana: Use the phrase “pretend for an hour life made sense.” (Thanks to NC Weil)
    6. toxicfur: In honor of Sir Terry Pratchett, use the following phrases: “tincture of night” and “soup of the afternoon”
    7. Bob: “Piddle and payment don’t go together.”
    8. devtrash: Write about waking up in an empty hotel pool, bloodied and bruised.
  19. finishing what you start… or not.
  20. peeking at what someone’s reading on their ereader.
  21. Spring clean your writing space.
  22. Try a different genre or medium.
  23. Write about a yearning for something.
  24. Focus on the present year, month, week, day, hour, moment.
  25. Get today’s Sunday brunch prompts at Twitter
    1. Use the following words: raining, anticipation, hummed, stop, pursue
    2. Write about a recycled hat.
    3. Use the phrase, “On the next day, …”
  26. Describe your imagined audience.
  27. Steal the title of an existing book & use it as a starting point.
  28. Go to Wikipedia, click ‘random article’ & write about that topic.
  29. Be inspired by a non-writing activity you like to do.
  30. Being too cold or too hot.
  31. Out like a lamb.
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