March 2005
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Choose a novel to read outside your usual genre.
  2. Say, “I am a writer.” To five people today.
  3. Research three new publishers for your work.
  4. Take a new route to work.
  5. Write a full page by hand, by candlelight.
  6. List 10 things that make you cry.
  7. Rewrite a fable or fairy tale.
  8. Describe every physical aspect of one of your characters.
  9. Ask a friend to read your work.
  10. Take a picture of spring.
  11. Ask an elder to share a story with you.
  12. Write about something very, very ugly and make it sound very, very lovely.
  13. Write about a trampoline.
  14. Play a board game.
  15. Write about a surgery.
  16. Eat something exotic and write about the experience.
  17. Time yourself and write for five uninturrupted minutes.
  18. Write from a clock’s point of view.
  19. Write a paragraph using successive numbers in each sentence.
  20. Celebrate a strange holiday.
  21. Join an online cause you believe in.
  22. Listen to someone else’s favorite music.
  23. Make a bookmark.
  24. End a story with, “It’s as simple as that.”
  25. Organize your desk.
  26. Read something about writing.
  27. Pick up an old story and continue it.
  28. Write about a fruit.
  29. Describe a different culture.
  30. Start a writing discussion.
  31. Think up five names.
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