March 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about a jazz drummer.
  2. Write about a woman with a glass eye.
  3. Write about a dance contest.
  4. Write about an angry fish.
  5. Create a setting by describing its sensual aspects.
  6. “It always starts the same way…”
  7. Describe a landscape
  8. Write about getting on the freeway
  9. Look up a favorite screenplay online and read it
  10. Experiment in a genre you’ve never tried
  11. Write about a chess game.
  12. Begin with ” The bagels were stale…”
  13. Write a character sketch of a pompous waiter.”
  14. Write an ode to snuggling.
  15. Research Botox parties.
  16. Write a historical story.
  17. Write a how-to.
  18. Make a family tree from memory.
  19. Write what happened on your favorite TV show.
  20. End a story with, “…it was what it was meant to be.”
  21. Write a story/essay where a beneficial drug plays an important role.
  22. Write about something you do only because you feel obligated.
  23. Pick 5 words randomly from a dictionary and use them in a flash story.
  24. Write a proposal for specialty TV channel or radio station.
  25. Write a story where the protagonist feels s/he is underpaid.
  26. Write a character sketch of someone in a “before and after” ad.
  27. Create a story about head lice.
  28. Write about a U.N. Relief Worker.
  29. Begin with “Our backyard swing was on old tire…”
  30. Allow the first piece of litter you see today be the focal point of a story.
  31. Describe your big toe in great detail.
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