March 2002
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Start a story with some form of the word “march”.
  2. Re-read your favorite book
  3. Write about a kiss, and post your scene or story at PP!
  4. Start a story with the line “I don’t like Mondays”
  5. Write about your best friend
  6. Write about a piece of wood
  7. Write a short story about a person listed in the obituaries.
  8. Research the origin of your city’s name.
  9. Write about your favorite store.
  10. Write about a dream you’ve had more than once.
  11. Write about a pet.
  12. Write about a photo album.
  13. Write about a current character’s grandparent.
  14. Set a scene in an ancient ruin.
  15. Write an “Ides of March” story.
  16. Listen to music you normally wouldn’t.
  17. Write a poem about a teacher you had/have.
  18. Describe your last waitress/waiter.
  19. Start a story with a nonsense word you invented.
  20. Write about a disgusting habit.
  21. Watch a movie, then Write a review.
  22. Write a letter to a friend.
  23. Make a list of 10 things you’re fabulous at. Write about one of them.
  24. Write about the difference between “gray” and “grey”.
  25. Slowly eat a piece of fruit, savoring each bite, then Write about it.
  26. Write about the cold
  27. Write about a reptile
  28. Write in a genre new to you
  29. Write about a row of books
  30. Write about a bowling alley
  31. Submit a story to an e-zine
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