June 2004
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write a book jacket blurb describing a story you are currently working on.
  2. Write about a temper tantrum.
  3. Describe a flower without using any color words.
  4. Start a story with “If I hadn’t lost that nickle…”
  5. Write about mouldy bread.
  6. Write about a “one-tank trip”
  7. Read “The Yellow Wallpaper” and write about anything yellow
  8. Write 500 words in one sitting
  9. Write two nursery rhymes or one children’s story
  10. Pull out an old story and rewrite the last page
  11. Write about a person with claustraphobia.
  12. Savor a hot or frozen drink. Write about the effect on your tastebuds.
  13. End a story with “Of course, the lollipop was grape.”
  14. Take a ride on public transportation. Describe a person you see on the ride.
  15. What would your character do if someone gave him or her a dozen carrots?
  16. Pick a scene you’ve written and rewrite it using a different point of view.
  17. Start a story with “As I was going down the escalator…”
  18. Base a story on this offbeat news item.
  19. Write about a race.
  20. Write about snails.
  21. Use these words: jargon, import, virtual.
  22. Start with: “She wants to write a book about…”
  23. Write about a noise you can’t identify.
  24. List 5 items in your medicine cabinet; write for minutes about one.
  25. Describe voices 3 ways, drawing on a different sense each time.
  26. End a story with “She almost believed me.”
  27. Write a scene in which children are fighting over a toy.
  28. Pick a crayon, then use it to write about something that is the same color.
  29. Write about a wedding anniversary.
  30. Describe someone who is eating a grape.
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