June 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Begin with “The first day”
  2. Begin with “The first time”
  3. Write about a nude beach.
  4. Allow heat and cold to enter your writing today.
  5. Play day, walk barefoot through mud puddles.
  6. Work on a character bio
  7. Write an episode from your narrator’s past
  8. You’re the therapist. Your character is the patient. Record the conversation
  9. Try the reverse of yesterday’s prompt
  10. Write a story where “war” is a theme
  11. Start with “I must go to Easter Island.”
  12. Research the migration of your favorite bird.
  13. Describe a desert blooming with yellow flowers
  14. Create a conversation between two people looking at a building plan.
  15. Write about an old bathrobe.
  16. Write about a gated community.
  17. Begin with ” That’s too ambiguous”
  18. Write about a dog swimming.
  19. Write about a child’s teddy bear.
  20. Begin with “I can’t hear you”
  21. Write about a holiday you don’t celebrate.
  22. Write a story that revolves around a deception.
  23. Write about a close finish.
  24. Write about seconds you wish you could take back.
  25. Start a story with a conversation overheard on public transportation.
  26. Begin with “He’s a militant vegetarian.”
  27. Write about a piano recital.
  28. Write about singing a capella
  29. Base a story on the fear of germs.
  30. Begin with “My back itches.”
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