June 2002
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write a letter to your favorite fictional character.
  2. Write about eating an ice cream cone.
  3. Write about a bad day at work.
  4. Write about a good day at work.
  5. Write about an ordinary event, through the eyes of a child.
  6. Describe the sound of boiling water
  7. Write about the colors in a candle flame
  8. Write about the smell of fertilizer
  9. Write the dialogue for your “dream job” interview
  10. Enjoy a new sensation. Take an herbal vinegar bath.
  11. Write something that is based on a superstition.
  12. Listen to some children on a playground and Write about what you overheard.
  13. Draw a picture of something you want to Write about.
  14. Write about a monster.
  15. Describe the life of an inanimate object.
  16. Write about something old.
  17. Write about something new.
  18. Write about something borrowed.
  19. Write about something blue.
  20. Write about a wedding.
  21. Write about the first kiss you *wish* you’d had.
  22. What do you feel guilty about?
  23. Write about the sound inside a shell.
  24. Write about process. How do you begin?
  25. Write about a time you felt bullied.
  26. Have your character make a bad choice
  27. Reread a favorite book, just for fun
  28. Try genre writing (horror, romance, etc.)
  29. Get a beginning and run with it
  30. Celebrate half a year of hard work! Treat yourself today
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