July 2004
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about a day that is too hot.
  2. Start a story with “The lemonade tasted strange…”
  3. Imagine a new invention. Describe what it does.
  4. Write about fireworks.
  5. Write about watermelon seeds.
  6. Start a blog or online journal
  7. Write about a day you wish you could forget
  8. Write about a new love interest
  9. Describe the best kiss you’ve ever had
  10. Write a letter to a childhood enemy
  11. Use the words random, ice cube, television, and robot in a 500 word story.
  12. Write about ants at a picnic.
  13. Write a 50 word story.
  14. Write about a baseball game.
  15. Pick three characters. Have one describe the second to the third.
  16. Start with “I didn’t think the rain would ever stop.”
  17. Write a review of your favorite band
  18. Write a story or scene that takes place in a high school
  19. Write an obituary for one of your characters
  20. Take an ordinary object and write for 5 minutes describing it
  21. Describe anger 3 ways, drawing on a different sense each time.
  22. Use these words: yoke, unyielding, weight.
  23. Start with: “The women of this family…”
  24. Write about an “earworm”–a song stuck in your head.
  25. List 5 things you avoid doing; write 50 words about each.
  26. Write about a last minute addition
  27. Read some poetry
  28. Write a 500 word children’s story and post it
  29. Write about an impossible deadline
  30. Begin with “It had been raining for six days.”
  31. Harry Potter’s birthday! Write about a boy wearing glasses
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