July 2003
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Start with “It was a less-than-beautiful day.”
  2. Write about a remedy.
  3. Write about a regret.
  4. Declare your independence.
  5. Write about a test.
  6. The character has a secret obsession. Write about it
  7. Fictionalize a vacation experience
  8. Write about the reality of love
  9. Have the weather influence your plot
  10. Write about a guilty pleasure
  11. Write something from the point of view of a small dog.
  12. Have one of your characters write a letter to another author’s character.
  13. Take a walk around the block. Write a scene about something you saw.
  14. Write about a bus ride.
  15. If you were a bear, what would you be doing right now? Write about it.
  16. Write about a secret.
  17. Ask someone older than you to tell you a story.
  18. Write a movie or book review.
  19. Research an era for an hour.
  20. Type your name into Google.
  21. Write about a “witch hunt”.
  22. Write about excess.
  23. Make a tall building a key element in a story.
  24. Write a proclamation for “_________ Day”.
  25. Have a writing potluck–along with food, everyone brings writing to share.
  26. Write about a free range chicken
  27. Begin with “It was the longest road…”
  28. Your character can see into the future, how does she deal with it?
  29. Write about a worm farm.
  30. Create a character whose ethnicity is different from yours.
  31. Start with “I woke up in a tattoo parlor…”
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