July 2002
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about something quintessentially Canadian.
  2. Describe a trip to the dentist.
  3. Write about a missing pet.
  4. Write about something quintessentially American.
  5. Jump in a natural body of water & describe the experience.
  6. Write about a cat entering a paper bag
  7. Explore the color orange
  8. Describe a sea shell
  9. Write about a rose
  10. Play with clay today. Enjoy the sensuality
  11. Write about the sensation of diving into water
  12. Describe the first insect you see today
  13. Create a mystery involving a co-worker or family member
  14. Happy Bastille Day! Celebrate revolution and change
  15. Write about your favorite pair of shoes
  16. List the 10 things you want most in life. Write a story about one of them.
  17. Write about the neighbor’s pets.
  18. Write about your last vacation.
  19. Research a new writing market.
  20. Write about about a computer crash.
  21. Write about what you were doing one year ago.
  22. Start with “This is just to say…”
  23. Write about a teacher who noticed you.
  24. Who can you sit in silence with?
  25. Write about preparing a meal.
  26. Research the childhood of your favorite author
  27. Support your local library. Volunteer.
  28. Write a character profile of a postal employee
  29. What are the possibilities of a cucumber?
  30. Write about a hardware store
  31. Write about what you don’t believe
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