January 2005
Daily Writing Prompts

A Pen In Each Hand

  1. Write about a scavenger hunt.
  2. Put your characters inside a mall.
  3. Write about lost luggage.
  4. Put an elephant in your story.
  5. It’s a snow day. Write about what you do instead of work/school.
  6. Write about someone putting on red lipstick.
  7. Give your character (or yourself) a secret identity.
  8. Write about a New Year’s Resolution that is broken already.
  9. Use the phrase “Choo-Choo Charlie.”
  10. Find a lyric (or poem) that expresses your mood. Use it as your first line.
  11. Write about a long-anticipated trip, perhaps even a pilgrimage.
  12. Have your character find a much-needed item of clothing.
  13. Write about today.
  14. Give your character a new pet.
  15. Write about an anniversary.
  16. Use the adage “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”
  17. Write a review of your favorite blog/blogger.
  18. Write about the morning after.
  19. Write about a popular trend that you just can’t stand.
  20. Write a pitch for a movie.
  21. Send your characters ice skating.
  22. Write about your metaphorical home.
  23. Have your character eat cereal for a meal other than breakfast.
  24. Write about submitting an application for something that is much-desired.
  25. Put your characters in front row seats at the theater.
  26. Send your character to work on a day (or time) when most people are off.
  27. Have your character discover a treasure of a book in a used bookstore.
  28. Send one of your characters on a first date.
  29. Write about an act of magnanimity.
  30. Write a review of the best movie you’ve seen recently.
  31. Write a letter to yourself to be read in 6 months.
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